Consecrated in 1068 A.D., this shrine is one of the oldest temples of the region and the idol of Lord Manjunathaswamy is considered to be one of the oldest in south India .

Perhaps Mangalore's most famous temple, the Sri Sharavu Sharabeshwara - Sri Mahaganapathy Kshetra has an illustrious history of over 800 years. Sri Sharavu Sharabeshwara - Sri Mahaganapathy Kshetra is an outstanding, pious center of great illustrious history of marathon 800 years. Since the temple is located in the heart of the city, locating and reaching the temple is very easy. It is at a walking distance from Hampankatta and also can comfortably reached by autorickhaws. The name "Sharavu" is derived from "Shara" which means arrow. About eight centuries back, the "Sthalapurana" or local legendary depicts, a very powerful king, Maharaja Veerabahu of tuluva region, killed a cow by sheer mistake by shooting it with an arrow. He in reality meant to shoot the tiger which was standing besides the cow. But, his unculpable terrible sin had to be erased, for which he did install a "Shiva Linga" as per the suggestion of a great seer Sri Bharadhwaja. This Shivalinga has been worshipped by the Maharaja as Sharabeshwara. This sacred place was termed thereafter as "Sharavu" and the newly formed temple tank as "Sharatheertha".

Religion is man's life long quest to seek "solace" and protection in a Supreme Being, by way of a refuge from the turmoil's and tribulations of existence. God, the Supreme Being, as he is addressed in simple terms, forms the central point of religious experience. God can be viewed as "personal", symbolised in a male or female power. But, God, seen from the philosophical gaze, is purely "impersonal" and "absolute". He is in the nature of "a sprit" or "chethana" as termed in Sanskrit. To look upon God as "a person", however is an error. In the coastal belt of the western part of the land of Baratha is situated the harbour town of Mangalapuram, or the city of Mangalore, which is eternally blessed by the benign Mother Goddess, Mangalamba. This region, given away as a reward to sage Parashurama by Samudraraja, is well known for its Kadali fruits. It is the land of enchantment of Sahyadri mountains, where the great sages Kanva, Vysa, Vashista, Vishwamitra and other in the Loral past spent their days of meditation. Bountiful rivers dance down the mountains here and nature is attired in all her lush-full greenery. The shrine, from which the city of Mangalore derives its name, this temple is over 1000 years old.

Being situated within motorable distance of some of the best beaches of Karnataka, a visit to Mangalore gives you the opportunity to top up your holiday with a great outing by the sea. Here are some of the better known sea-side destinations -

  • Maravanthe - 105 kms.
  • Someshwar - 15 kms.
  • Tannirbhavi - 7 kms.
  • St. Mary's Isles -   65 kms.

This is a new eco-education complex situated 9 kms from Mangalore and features a wide variety of attractions including a water park, zoo, heritage village, arboretum, science centre and a lake-park with boating facilities. National highways N.H. 48 and N.H. 17 pass through Mangalore. There are daily bus services to Bangalore , Mysore , Goa , Madurai , Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad , Thiruvananthapuram and most other important places. The government bus stand of the city is located 5 kms from the hotel.

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